What is Schedule 80 Pipe – Nominal Pipe Size

You should know there has been created a North American set of standard pipe sizes for use in high or low pressure and temperature applications. There are two non-dimensional numbers by which steel pipe is specified for diameter based on inches and a schedule for wall thickness. When ordering pipe you’ll want to be sure you understand the outside diameter or O.D. and the schedule you need for your specific application. In this specific instance, obviously, your question is, “What is schedule 80 pipe?” Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you understand.

What is Schedule 80 Pipe – Uses

Applications for schedule 80 vary across the board, but you may find it used in multiple different fluid applications from water to oil. You’ll also see it used in gas applications, too! Usually, you’ll find schedule 80 specified where a need to handle stronger internal pressures or where greater strength is required. It is also, sometimes, specified by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards for varied applications. If you will be welding? Schedule 80′s weld-ability is an added plus.

What is Schedule 80 Pipe – Cost

Additional steel is consumed in the production of schedule 80 pipe; thus, it is more costly to manufacture. Of course, the other factor is it is more expensive to the end user. If your project needs additional strength requirements you may want to consider what is schedule 80 pipe can bring to the party. Also, you should understand the outside diameter remains the same regardless of schedule.

What is Schedule 80 Pipe – Shipping Weight

Obviously, this varies widely because of diameter and length. We have a pipe weight chart in our Schedule 80 buyer’s kit. In this kit you’ll find steel pipe buying tip, weight chart and other information which can bring you up to speed concerning exactly what is schedule 80 pipe.

What is Schedule 80 Pipe – Dangers

Note: If a higher schedule pipe is being specified by engineers or powers that be, as a contractor you never want to substitute a lower schedule. If the pipe fails it can present a huge danger and tremendous liability! So, beware the use and environment are big factors when it comes to most applications.


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